how to increase breasts size


how to increase breasts size

Do you feel as if there’s something missing from your life? Do you feel as if you’re lacking a little something extra? Could it be your chest?

Well, if you’re like millions of women around the world, then you are not alone. A chief complaint of many women is that they feel as if their boobs are too small.

While, there are many ways to boost the size of your chest, there are actually many natural ways that you can do it without resorting to surgery or other costly or dangerous measures.

How to Increase Breasts Size Naturally? In fact, we can spell out 13 ways to do just that.

11 Ways How to Increase Breasts size

Hit the Books

The first step to learning How to Make Your Boobs Grow Bigger Naturally is to study up on the subject. You need to understand the factors that grow your breasts and things that can hinder growth. For example, increased estrogen helps boobs grow while extra testosterone can impede growth.

Soak up all the information that you can. Research online, read books, talk to others who have been in your situation. Seek out professional medical opinions.

The key: learn all about breasts and stay abreast of all pertinent information.

Bottoms Up

There is research out there that proves that drinking a daily mixture of papaya juice and milk can do a body good.

The nutrients and vitamins that these two drinks are full of are said to enhance the size of your breasts and make them fuller and plumper. Go ahead and drink a big glass every day and enjoy your Increased Breasts Size.

If you can’t swallow drinking milk and papaya juice every day, an alternative is eating fresh papaya instead.

Work it Out


It’s common knowledge that exercise is beneficial to your body but it can also be beneficial to your bust line. Bust the right moves and your bust will bust out as well.

The pectoral muscle in the chest area can be grown like any other muscle in your body so don’t ignore this key muscle the next time you have a work out.

There are several exercises you can do to Increase Your Breasts Size. If you don’t have a lot of extra time or don’t feel like hitting the gym, there are some exercises you can do from the comfort of your home.

Some of these include:

  • Push-Ups with Alternating Shoulder Taps
  • Plank Walk
  • Butterflies

There are an abundance of chest exercises out there, so find your favorite and give them a go.

Herbs Aren’t Just for Cooking

Herbs Arent Just for Cooking

You might want to check out your local health food store or supplement aisle of your grocery store if you want to know everything about breasts. There are a variety of female health supplements and herbs out there for you to try.

Your breasts can grow in a matter of months all while your overall health improves. You can enjoy fuller and more well-endowed breasts right before your very eyes.

Look for natural products that grows out your boobs.

Protein Boost

How to Make Your Boobs Grow Bigger

Yes, proteins are delicious but they’re also a great and proven way to get the fuller breasts that you desire. In fact, protein intake is one of the best ways to increase breasts size.

Get more lean meats such as lean cuts of beef, fish and chicken into your diet. Eat more eggs and peanut butter and drink more milk.

An overall well-balanced diet will work wonders on your boobs and overall figure so get in the protein and leave out excess sugar, processed foods and fast food.

Your body will thank you.

Cream the Bust

You’ve more than likely seen advertisements for breast enhancement cream but may have been weary of them. In reality, they are quite effective and safe.

Look for the ones made from all-natural ingredients. While you may not go from an A cup to a DD, you will notice a difference in the overall tone, texture and firmness of your breasts that will make them appear larger and overall better-looking.

Additionally, check out the reviews for creams to make sure you are choosing the best one.

Rub ‘Em Down


A breast massage can be just what your boobs need to grow to their full potential. This can be done daily to stimulate the tissue and promote the breasts’ healthy growth.

You’ll also increase firmness and the overall shape.



We already discussed exercise but push-ups are one of the best exercises to make your breasts grow. Once again, you are building up the pectoral muscle which will make your breasts grow naturally.

You may dread push-ups, but you’ll love the results.

Pill Time


While birth control pills are intended for their namesake, they are also great for increasing the size of your breasts.

Since the pills are packed with estrogen, this is extra hormone going into your body which is a proven factor in breast size. Before beginning this method, you’ll need to check with your doctor first, as there might be some side effects.

Marshmallow Root

No, not the marshmallows you roast on an open campfire but marshmallow root, an all-natural herb that’s known to help increase the size of your boobs naturally and effectively. You can also take it in a convenient pill form.

A word of caution: check with your doctor before taking marshmallow root because it can interfere with other medications you may be taking.

Flax Seed


Flax seeds are known to increase the growth of breast tissue which helps your boobs to grow bigger and better. Flax seed comes in many forms so choose the most palatable for you.


Natural ways to make Your boobs Bigger

No matter which path you choose, you must be patient. Growing your breasts is like anything else, it takes time and patience and everybody is different.

Give your boobs time, but they’ll mature when they’re ready.

The right people in your life can help you in your journey. Having someone to talk to and laugh with can surely help you in your desire to how to increase breasts size naturally.

Sandra Hale

Sandra Hale

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