Breast Enhancement Pills and Cream Side Effects


Breast Enhancement Pills and Cream Side Effects

They’re wanted, they’re desired and they’re sought after with fervor. They are idolized and dreamed about. They are the subject of intense fascination and in some cases, they are the focus of obsession.

What are we talking about? Breasts and namely large breasts. The perfect, large boobs are desired by a vast majority of women.

Many women are willing to go to extreme lengths to get larger breasts. However, there are other times when things can go wrong and problems can arise.

When you are looking at how to get bigger boobs naturally, you need to also be aware of common side effects. Even though lots of products claim to be natural and safe, they can still have sometimes serious side effects.

Breast Enlargement Pills Side Effects

Breast Enlargement Cream

The main downfall of breast enlargement pills is that the each particular brand is different where the ingredients are proprietary to the manufacturer. Therefore, each particular ingredient could cause a side effect.

It is suggested that you look up each individual ingredient to see what the common side effects are. If you have further concerns or issues, you should speak to your doctor or another medical professional.

The C-Word

Some research indicates that natural breast enlargement pills can cause cancer. For instance, The Mayo Clinic has found a common ingredient in these pills, phytoestrogens, an herb that could increase the risk of breast cancer in some women.

Additional research has shown that women with naturally dense breast tissue have an elevated risk of breast cancer when paired with breast enlargement pills. Also, phytoestrogens and other hormones have shown the ability to either increase cancer in some individuals or decrease cancer risk in other individuals.

Basically, every woman is different and you want to do your homework and due diligence before taking any kind of breast enlargement pills.

Err on the side of caution and contact your physician or a medical profession before taking any type of pill.

Blood Changes and Issues

Some ingredients found in breast enhancement pills can actually change the composition of a user’s blood. For instance, ingredients and herbs such as saw palmetto may cause anemia in some takers or the slow clotting of blood.

These types of side effects can be exacerbated and could even prove fatal in people with other health issues such as high blood pressure or people who already suffer from anemia or any other type of blood disorder.

If you are already on a blood-thinner medication, taking pills could lead to serious drug interactions, should clotting takes place.

Mommies and Babies Beware

Since various forms of estrogen or synthetic versions can be found in these types of pills, they can prove harmful to the fetuses and the infants of breast-feeding women. Do not take breast enlargement pills if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

More Side Effects

Extra hormone levels can cause some non-breast-feeding women to produce milk in their breasts. Prolactin hormone levels can become elevated as well.

Other negative side effects can include:

  • Infertility
  • Irregular Menstruation
  • Reduced Libido
  • Increased Risk of Stroke

Breast Enlargement Cream Side Effects

Breast Enlargement Cream Side Effects

When many women are looking for breast enlargement ways, many aren’t comfortable taking breast enlargement pills because of the possible undesirable side effects. Instead, lots of women choose the alternative of breast enlargement cream.

While there are many types of creams that claim to know how to grow out your bust, you have to look at them closely Some claim to be all-natural and are usually deemed to be safe.

However, there are some creams on the market that claim to alter the balance of a woman’s natural hormones. Some medical professionals believe that those are the ones that can cause serious medical issues such as cancer.

DHEA is a hormone naturally made by the adrenal glands that are located right above the kidneys. This particular hormone possesses the characteristics of a predecessor in the body before the hormone estrogen.

A proven and firm link has been established between breast enlargement creams and estrogen hormone supplements that are used for this particular reason. To sum it up, DHEA supplements found in these types of creams can lead to increased breast sensitivity and breast swelling.

Additional studies and medical reports have even went so far as to say that hormones found in these breast enlargement creams can cause breast cancer in some women. However, there is no clear consensus that there is a direct link between breast enlargement creams and breast cancer. 

With the use of these creams, proceed with caution and stop immediately if you begin to experience any kind of side effects.

Overworking Your Chest Muscles

We all know that exercise is one of the best things that you can do for your body. When it comes to learning how to increase breasts size naturally, many women turn to exercise, namely breasts exercise to pump up their bosom.

However, there can even be a downside to working out the chest muscles too hard. For example, you can experience pain, discomfort or soreness if you overdo it with the chest exercises.

Sometimes, you can take it way too far and pull, injure or even tear the pectoral muscle. Pulled chest muscles can make a person feel as if they are in a life-threatening position. It can often be treated with taking a break from exercise and pain-relieving medication.

If you work out so hard that you tear or injure the actual muscle, you will need to seek medical treatment. You may also need to have surgery to repair the tear.

The lesson here is not to work out to the point of over-exertion.


No matter how much you may want to grow larger, fuller breasts, you always want to take your health into consideration. To that end you must weight all of your available options before choosing your route to bosom perfection.

Sandra Hale

Sandra Hale

Dr. Hale – a medical geneticist and featured physician – spent a majority of her career researching breast cancer genes. After more than six years working to understand the genetics and medication behind breast cancer, Dr. Hale found that there are many breast enhancement products with terrible substances inside. After extending her research to include breast enhancement substances, Dr. Hale created

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