BustMaxx Review

Bust Maxx Breast Enlargement Pills Review

If you are looking for the most effective, natural, no-risk breast enhancement options, you probably realized quickly that there are countless products on the market today that claim to aid in breast enhancement and enlargement. It can be a real challenge to sort through them all and find out which products are safe, effective and moderately priced – our BustMaxx Supplement Review can help. We make it a point to provide fact-based, objective reviews which are based on extensive research combined with actual user experiences.

In your search for a safe, herbal method to increase breast lift, firmness and size, you have most likely come across BustMaxx Supplement as it is a popular option, but you are hesitant to place an order for any product until you know that it is both safe and effective. Those questions and more can be answered by our BustMaxx Supplement Review.

Information on this Bust Maxx Breast Enlargement Pills review was updated on June 2023.

Bustmaxx Summary

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Bustmaxx Pros & Cons

We have complied a list of Bustmaxx pros and cons here.


  • Over 80% of customer reviews on the main sales channel for this product have been positive – the majority of users who created reviews have stated that this product works effectively.
  • Use of this product is reported to enlarge breast size by up to 3 cup sizes, and enhance breast firmness and lift.
  • This supplement contains all-natural, herbal ingredients that are safe for consumers.
  • BustMaxx pills are not as expensive as some of the other options on the market today.
  • Some reports indicate that use of this product can also boost libido and relieve certain menopause and PMS symptoms.


  • BustMaxx has very few negative reports about side effects, but rare cases of allergic reactions have occurred.
  • Like most breast enhancement products, BustMaxx should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women.

OUR Bustmaxx Enhancement Supplement Review

BustMaxx Review

Using customer and product reviews and other research, our BreastMaxx review has determined that this product is a viable option for risk-free, natural breast enlargement and enhancement – but we encourage potential users to review ingredients for this and all supplements carefully to avoid any issues.

BustMaxx is made from all-natural ingredients which are not believed to cause any harm to those who take them – although these supplements should never be taken by pregnant or nursing women. The active ingredients are common among other breast enhancement supplements and have no history of injury, however, it is always important to carefully review the ingredients to prevent an allergic reaction. If you are not sure, check with your doctor before you take any herbal supplement.

The large percentage of positive customer reviews indicate that it is possible to see results from taking the BustMaxx pills in as little as 1 month, but can be taken for as long as 6 months. This is fairly standard for these types of products.

After extensive research, our BustMaxx pills review has concluded that BustMaxx supplement looks to be a safe, effective (and affordable) solution for customers looking for natural, risk-free breast enhancement and enlargement.

Bustmaxx Summary

  • Supplement is reported to use natural, safe herbal formula that is claimed to increase breast size by as much as 3 cup sizes and also enhance the bustline by lifting, firming and toning breasts.
  • The active ingredients are all natural and include saw palmetto, fennel seed, dong Quai root, Atlantic kelp, fenugreek, L-Tyrosine, blessed thistle, damiana leaf, Pueraria Mirifica root, wild Mexican yam, motherwort and more.
  • BustMaxx Herbal Supplement is intended to be taken twice daily for as long as needed to achieve the desired results, which can be anywhere from 1 week to 6 months.
  • BustMaxx Herbal Supplement costs $31.95 for a one-month supply. Some discounts can be found by purchasing several months at once.

Bustmaxx FAQ

✔️What happens when you stop using BustMaxx? 

It took me to a D cup after only ONE month of use, I was a C cup. It is 6months later and my breast are still at a D cup! This is a wonderful product BUT just because it works for me doesn't mean it will work for others. It is just the way your body takes to it. If you go up a size you won't go down!

✔️Does BustMaxx really work?

Yes it does, you gotta be patient and consisten, and also take care of your diet "it's a dietary supplement made of herbs" I cutted sodas, coffee, energy drinks and spicy foods and it works, I've been taking it for over 3 months and I went from cup A to a full B...

✔️Will this also make my butt bigger ?

No I don't think that Bustmaxx will make your butt bigger.. 

✔️Can I take these pills even though I'm taking medicine?

It depends always consult with your doctor But keep in mind these are completely natural herbs so it should not reacted in a negative way with anything.

✔️How many days before to see the results?

It's been about a month for me and I see some slight results. One month supply is one bottle. The bottle indicates that you will see results after 6 month use. I see some slight results already after a month, but like I said, slight. But I am happy so far. I recommend getting at least two bottles to really gage the effectiveness for you.

✔️What are the ingredients on your pills?

Saw palmetto powder, fenugreek seed powder, fennel seed powder, wild Mexican yam powder, blessed thistle powder, l- tyrosine, Atlantic kelp powder, Damian leaf powder, motherwort powder, dong quai root extract.

✔️Can pills be taking both at the same time or do they have to be taken separetly?

You will want to take it separately. One in the morning and one at night. And like other pills try to take them at the same times each day.

✔️How much is the bustmaxx?

Around 32 dollars. Depends where you get it.

✔️Once you get the size you want, do you stop taking them? Will they go back to their original size if you stop?

That's a good question.... And it also reminds me that I need to update my review. I just ordered Bustmaxx recently. They actually started working from me within the first week!!! I really thought it was too good to be true, but continued on and they DID continue to get fuller and firmer. When I went to order the next bottle though, they were out of stock!!! So I began using the cream that they sent me in place of the pills for writing a review. There was about a week between the use of the pills and the cream in which I didn't take any supplement or use the cream. I have to admit, during just that week, I noticed the firmness of my breasts went down a tad. I am not too discouraged yet because I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and thinking that maybe the only reason I lost a bit of firmness is because I had only used one bottle. Results are expected between 3 and 6 months, so maybe I was just lucky to get them during the first. I'm hoping that by using more bottles, the results will last longer. With that said, the pills are back in stock, so I ordered several bottles for myself in case they run out again. For now though, I am using the cream up before starting my next bottle of pills. I wasn't too convinced that the cream was going to work, but honestly, it has! My breasts feel full again and I have been using the cream for just short of a week, I believe. The one difference I noticed between the cream and the pills is that the cream does make my breasts pretty tender. Not painful by any means, but I notice it if I touch them or when I'm applying the cream. I'm hoping that just means it's working!! 😉 Hope this helps! 

✔️Do these pills make you gain weight?

Nope. Or at least for me.. I've gone two months now.. Haven't gained any significant weight. Of course I fluctuate between 5lbs but that's normal.

But no it didn't make me gain any weight. 

✔️What happens if you forget to take it?

I've only missed 2 days out of 6 weeks. Still seeing results.

✔️Is it contain gelatin?

It took some "digging" around on the Internet to get a list of the ingredients in a bottle of Bustmaxx, but i was not surprised when i did see what it contains. Most of the famous mastogenic compounds appeared including fenugreek, saw palmetto, fennel, wild yam, dong quai, blessed thistle, and damiana. There was also a new one - the Pueraria Mirfica root, and this piqued my interest. But i did not see anywhere if it contain gelatin.

✔️This product is for any age?

Well, if ur under 18, ur boobs are still growing. I recommend this for people who are 18 and above.

✔️Does this still work if I’m working out?

Yes, It's why I tried it. I started a boot camp gym and lost 5 % body fat. I only weighed 116 but I was a thin person out of shape. I wasn't expecting to lose breast size because I felt I didn't have any to spare at 36 B, but I did. I haven't even finished 2nd month on these and I'm filling out bra again. Same one I always wore to gym, lol. At this point I'm not just a little bigger, I'm firmer and rounder too. I hope it works for you too.

✔️Do these pills make you smell?

No. If your talking about body odor, nope. I haven't had any problems with that. And I don't get a bad after taste to them either.

✔️Is there any specific diet when taking these pills (meaning: more vegetables, water...) or just a correct and normal diet?

I'm sure that you can go eating the way that you are but they're are certain foods and exercises that help. They're are breast massages that can be done also. I just Google Drive natural ways to increase breast size and that's where I had gotten my lists.

✔️Has anyone noticed any type of weight gain, other than the breasts? Even 3-6 pounds?

After a month of using it I noticed a little weight gain it was mostly just water weight. I upped my intake of water and watched how much sodium I was taking in and within a week I was back down to my normal weight.

✔️It is not working?

I took it for a month and I saw a little change. I didn't reorder for the fact that I wanted to try other breast enlargement pills.

✔️It is very hard for me to swallow pills. Can i just break open the capsule and mix into a smoothie?

The pills are In capsules that are eaily separable. So yes I'm sure you can. I personally don't do that but the capsules are two seperste pieces so you can split them and mix the powder into a smoothie.

✔️Would this work on men who ud trying to look a little more feminine?

Unless they've had hormone therapy I don't think it would work. 

✔️Will it work for people with a and b cups?

I was a b cup before pregnancy and a big c cup during pregnancy and breast feeding. I am currently a b cup again after stopping breast feeding my breast haven't grown but they do feel firmer. I have only been taking these pills for a little over a month though so we will see if they actually grow.

✔️Is the enlargement effect permanent?

Yes! They claim this product has Long-term results. Because it is all natural formula it naturally regenerates cell growth in the breast tissue. It has been proven to be 98% Effective in those who have tried it!!! I would recommend this product

✔️Does it help to improve sagging breast?

I believe it helps mine, yes. They were starting to sag a bit as a 34C and now they have noticeable volume, I would also recommend going online and looking up breast massage techniques. i do them nightly and it helps to increase the circulation.

✔️Is this product natural?

I have read about the ingredients used in this product and it is similar to other breast enhancement, but this one contains more. Bustmaxx uses natural products that help women enhance their breast and it is all combined into one product which is amazing.

✔️Should I eat then take the pill or take the pill then eat?

What I've been doing is taking the pill then eating so that I don't forget to take the pill after I eat, but I'm pretty sure either way should work.

✔️A lot of the herbal type pills for breast enhancement are green and smell horrible. Are these pills like that and how big are they?

These pills are not bad tasting at all. They are a soft gel and easy to swallow. The inside is brown in color. Not a hard horse pill at all. Very much worth it!