Does Progesterone Make Your Breasts Bigger

Does Progesterone Make Your Breasts Bigger?

Does Progesterone Make Your Breasts Bigger

We often hear most about the amazing breast-enhancing benefits of estrogen in promoting natural breast growth. However, there is another hormone that also is beneficial in helping your breasts to grow bigger over time: progesterone. Most often, you’ll hear it paired with estrogen, but on its own, progesterone is also helpful in helping you boost your breast size naturally. There are many reasons why you should look to up your progesterone level.

What is Progesterone?

Progesterone is an important hormone in the female reproductive cycle. It helps to prepare your body for pregnancy. If you are not pregnant, your progesterone levels will drop. This drip in hormone levels will help trigger your period. Because of the important role that it plays, a synthetic form of progesterone – progestin – is a critical part of birth control. One of the biggest side effects of birth control outside of preventing pregnancy is bigger breasts, but there are all-natural ways to take progesterone without the chemical side effects.

Progesterone and Breast Size

Progesterone becomes elevated during ovulation and pregnancy, preparing your breasts for milk production. Because of that, they naturally swell to accommodate this biological function. Your breast tissues will start to grow and develop milk-producing cells. If you are not breastfeeding or pregnant, your breasts will return back to their normal size after the levels of progesterone drop in your body.

Because of this, progesterone is often used in natural breast enlargement solutions along with estrogen, which is essential for breast development in women from puberty on. You can often find progesterone or its synthetic counterpart progestin to help increase breast growth. When taken orally, progesterone can help increase breast size. Certain herbs like chaste berry and Mexican yam can help to increase your progesterone levels in your body, which is why they are often used in breast enhancement supplements.

How to Get the Best Results

All-natural breast growth is different for everyone, but there are steps that you can take to maximize your results. In addition to integrating more progesterone into your diet, you can also up your estrogen levels through food or supplements. Breast enhancement supplements are a great source of these beneficial natural ingredients and can make a big impact on your breast growth. Also, you can start to use breast enlargement creams or serums to massage the benefits directly onto the tissues you want to impact the most.

Many of the ingredients in these natural solutions are full of phytoestrogens and progesterones that can make your breasts bigger with continued use. Daily breast massage can also help to cleanse your breasts of toxins that may stop your breast growth. It will also give an immediate plumping effect, much like that of your period. This will fade as the levels return to normal.

Does Progesterone Really Make Your Breasts Bigger?

Progesterone, when paired with estrogen, can make a very big difference in your breast size. Your body will start to simulate the effects that pregnancy can have on your breasts when you add more progesterone, making more milk-producing cells that will make your breasts look fuller and plumper.

Many herbs include natural progesterones that can help replicate this effect in the body. Though discussed in conjunction with estrogen, progesterone can be beneficial for your breast growth. Please consult with a doctor prior to taking any progesterone supplements as they can interact with any existing medicine. Excess amounts of progesterone and estrogen could be harmful to those with existing health conditions.

Generally, progesterone is a safe, all-natural breast enhancement solution. To get the best results, be sure to integrate more progesterone with breast enhancement supplements and breast enlargement creams.

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Sandra Hale

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