Does Saw Palmetto Increase Breast Size

Does Saw Palmetto Increase Breast Size?

Does Saw Palmetto Increase Breast Size

Saw palmetto has been used since the 19th century to naturally enhance a women’s breast size, and over time, it has also been shown to demonstrate many other health benefits. Saw palmetto, unlike other natural supplements, does not increase the body’s production of estrogen and phytoestrogen.

Instead, it helps to reduce androgens, which can be thought of as estrogen busters. If your body can reduce the levels of male hormones like testosterone and more, then your body will be more receptive to estrogen and other breast-building hormones. When you have more estrogen in your body, your breasts will naturally increase in size over time. This can be temporary when you are ovulating or pregnant, or it can be permanent as your body builds more fatty tissue near the breast.

Saw palmetto can help aid this process, naturally increasing breast size when you take it as a supplement. For maximum breast enhancement, you should be taking between 3,000 and 4,000 per day. Once you are comfortable with your breast size, you may be able to reduce your dosage over time. If your breasts start to reduce in size, especially because of weight loss, you can start to take saw palmetto again. It is a natural process that is different for everyone.

Benefits of Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is most effective to increase breast size because it helps to regulate testosterone. Because of this, your body will be more open to the positive benefits of estrogen.

Additionally, when your testosterone is properly balanced, it can also impact your sex drive, mood, mental health, and even prevent heart disease among other amazing benefits.

In addition to helping to naturally increase your breast size, there are other health benefits of taking saw palmetto daily.

  • Prevents hair loss by balancing hormones by stopping hormones that are linked to hair loss from developing. For best results, you will apply the saw palmetto topically.
  • Improves urinary tract issues, helping it properly function, particularly those with enlarged prostate glands.
  • Treats prostate issues, particularly benign prostate enlargement. It is a diuretic, so saw palmetto will help reduce excess fluid in the body.
  • Decreases inflammation because it has great anti-inflammatory properties, as well as improves the body’s antioxidant function.

Many tests are still underway to unlock the full benefits of this powerful natural remedy. Clinical results may vary, so you may notice different effects when you start to take saw palmetto, including to naturally enhance your breast size.

It is important to be patient as you integrate any natural supplement into your body because it will take some time for your body to get used to it and produce results.

How to Take Saw Palmetto

There are different ways that you can take saw palmetto, though some methods may be more effective in treating certain conditions.

You can eat saw palmetto berries whole. You can also make a tea with saw palmetto and drink the many health benefits. There are also supplements that you can take that dry the berries for a more concentrated effect. Lastly, there is a liquid saw palmetto that you can use topically.

Saw palmetto is a natural remedy for many health conditions and is a great way to enhance your breast size naturally, especially when paired with red clover. If you have questions about how saw palmetto may interact with any medicine, please consult with your doctor.

Saw Palmetto and Red Clover

Red Clover

For the best results, consider pairing saw palmetto with red clover. They are a powerhouse natural breast enhancement tool when taken together. Saw palmetto reduces testosterone and other hormones that will break down and prevent estrogen from building up in your body. On the other hand, red clover can add a lot of phytoestrogens to your body. Phytoestrogens mimic estrogen, and your body reacts accordingly.

So that means that your body will begin to build breast size naturally in the presence of increased estrogen. With the androgens and other male hormones being suppressed, your body is more receptive to estrogen, which is why you get the best results for natural breast enhancement when you add both red clover and saw palmetto to your diet.

You will get results when you take each independently, but they balance hormonal effects really well when taken together for maximum breast growth.

Sandra Hale

Sandra Hale

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