How to Get Bigger Breasts Naturally 


Let’s face it: image is everything. Especially when it comes to women. If you are not 100% confident about your appearance it can affect not only your personal life, but your career as well. In this article we will explain how to get bigger breasts naturally!

From entertainers to medical professionals to high-powered businessmen and businesswomen, - the way you look and present yourself are just as important as your business expertise.

This is, however, might be devastating news for the woman with small breasts. If you have a smaller chest than you like, it might be difficult to feel and act confident in your daily life, as people see large breasts as the epitome of feminine beauty.

Unfortunately outside of surgical breast enhancement there is no other way to alter the size of your breasts once you are an adult, right? Wrong!

Scientific research has proven that there are safe and natural methods to stimulate noticeable growth in breast tissue. And here is the best part: It can be done at home! With herbal supplements, physical activity and a balanced diet, you can get the breast size you have always wanted naturally! Now we will try to explain you how to make your boobs grow bigger without any surgeries.

How do Breasts Grow?How to make your boobs grow bigger naturally

A woman’s breasts are considered part of her reproductive system, and not just because they are sexually desirable. The breast is comprised of tissue that creates and stores the milk that babies need for nutrients once a woman gives birth. Well-developed milk creating mechanisms (called ‘lobules’) are surrounded by fat tissues, which are what give women their signature rounded bosoms.

Small breasts have the same makeup, but their lobules and fatty tissues are simply less-developed. There could be any number of reasons why your breasts are naturally small. Genetics, weight (body fat percentage) and diet all play a part in the size of your chest.

Luckily these can be overcome by optimizing the one factor that is more important then all of them when it comes to breast growth: your hormones.

The hormones that are responsible for bigger, fuller breasts are estrogen and human growth hormone (HGH). Estrogen, known as the ‘female hormone’ is released by the ovaries and is critical for female reproductive development.

It regulates your menstrual cycle and (cha-ching!) encourages breast development. HGH is exactly what its name implies. This hormone is present in everyone, men included. It is responsible for the growth spurts we experience in puberty and plays a vital role in breast development.

Knowing what hormones play a role in growing your boobs and increasing your levels by taking a bunch of supplements isn’t going to do the trick, even if you are considered hormone deficient. The trick lies in recreating a hormone balance within your body that encourages your breast tissue to grow! Well, there are some natural supplements that helps a lot, but we will talk about it a little bit later.

4 Steps to Get Bigger Breasts Naturally

1. Balance Your Hormones

how to get bigger boobs naturally

In order to encourage growth, the key is to re-create hormone levels that were present when your body went through puberty. I know what you are thinking; mood swings, acne, and awkward gangly limbs don’t sound like something you want to replay. The thing is that this hormone environment can produce massive amounts of growth in very little time.

And it isn’t permanent. Once you achieve the growth you desire you can maintain the breast size you’ve gained without the puberty hormones.

So how do you recreate puberty in a fully-grown adult? One of the keys is to level out the estrogen levels in your body. Many women consume chemicals in their diet that are similar enough to estrogen that their body is fooled into thinking it has enough of the hormone and so stops producing it.

This can lead to drastic dips and peaks in your hormone levels that can devastate breast growth. By eliminating chemicals that mimic estrogen from your diet, you will allow your body to create the right amount of estrogen for you without having to enhance your estrogen with supplements.

**You can read up on environmental chemicals that act as fake estrogen and other hormone disrupters online. Ive included a link to an article I found helpful at the Physicians for Social Responsibility here.

Prolactin, a hormone produced during puberty and pregnancy, is solely responsible for helping develop breast tissue for milk creation (or lactation). This means that by reintroducing prolactin, you can trick your system into thinking that you need to produce milk and it will grow your breasts for that future purpose.

HGH, or human growth hormone is the steroid that bodybuilders and athletes used to create major alterations to their body compositions and performance.

This naturally-occurring hormone peaks at puberty and then wanes once you come into adulthood. There are certain foods and supplements you can take that will encourage HGH production in your body. The more HGH you have, the easier growing your boobs will be.

Testosterone is like the polar opposite of estrogen. It is considered the ‘male hormone’, although everyone has at least some testosterone in his or her blood. A large amount of testosterone in a woman can lead to smaller fat stores, which in turn can lead to smaller breasts.

It also inhibits the production of estrogen, which defeats breast growth even more. In order to create a hormonal environment that encourages the breast tissue to grow, focus on decreasing testosterone levels while optimizing estrogen, prolactin, and HGH.

2. Balance Your Diet

foods that increase boobs size

A healthy diet promotes well-balanced hormones, which as we know can help you grow your boobs fast! The obstacle here is overcoming the nutritional gaps and toxic additives in the Standard American Diet.

The SAD is filled with chemicals that mimic estrogen, which can throw off your estrogen levels and lead to small breasts. You can fight off the effects of these toxic ‘fake estrogens’ by avoiding chemical additives and preservatives, choosing whole, raw food alternatives instead.

Another thing to avoid is high doses of sugar. When your body has excess sugar, it produces insulin to move it out of the bloodstream and store it in fat. Production of insulin leads to the presence of testosterone in your blood, which we want to avoid.

The next time someone offers you brownies at work, or an extra glass of wine with dinner, just think of your breasts and how much larger they can grow without all that extra sugar floating around in your body!

Once you have eliminated the ‘fake estrogen’ and excess sugar, there are some really fantastic herbal supplements you can add to your daily regimen that can cause large boosts in breast growth. Here are 3 of the most beneficial herbal supplements for breast growth:

Red Clover

red clover

This supplement is used to treat a variety of feminine issues, including menstrual regularity and PMS. It is also great for breast enhancement because it not only provides a natural source of estrogen, but it has compounds that block the production of progesterone (an estrogen blocker).

This herbal supplement usually comes in capsules that hold about 500 mgs of red clover each. Start off with two or three capsules daily, eventually building up the dosage until you are taking about 3,000 mg for maximum breast enhancement.

Saw Palmetto

Saw PalmettoSaw Palmetto, when combined with red clover can be a powerful tool in breast enhancement. This is because this potent compound reduces the presence of androgens (or estrogen busters) in the blood. Also used to relieve Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, saw palmetto is taken in 500 mg capsules of the whole herb.

Start off by taking a few capsules a day (to tolerance, as with the red clover) and ramp up your dosage until you are taking 3,000 to 4,000 mg a day. You can maintain this dosage until you have achieved the breast size you want, and then taper off the dosage.


FenugreekThis herb is the granddaddy of all menstrual remedies. It’s compounds trigger an estrogen producing response in the body. Fenugreek is so effective it has been used by cultures worldwide for centuries in its pure herbal form, and as an ingredient in ‘female tonics’ for relief of cramps, vaginal dryness, and menopausal symptoms.

This herb can be consumed in capsule form, liquid form, and even through the skin by massaging essence of fenugreek directly onto the breast! I personally enjoy brewing in into what we like to call ‘Bustea’.

It is always important to note that while natural herbal remedies are not inherently dangerous, they contain potent chemical compounds that can cause harm if you take more than the recommended dosages. In the case of herbal supplements, more is not always better!

If you have any allergies or underlying medical conditions, please speak with your doctor before adding any new herbal supplements to your regimen. It’s not going to do you any good having large breasts if you end up too sick to enjoy them!

3. Start Exercising

Making boobs grow bigger through exercise may sound unlikely, but it is possible. Breast tissue itself contains no muscle, but the breast resides on top of a powerful muscle group known as the pectorals.

By strengthening and enlarging these muscles you can make your breasts appear larger and perkier. By doing these three exercises diligently you are guaranteed to notice fuller and higher breasts in no time!

bench press

Bench Press

You won’t see women in the gym executing a bench press very often, but you should. This exercise targets all of the pectoral muscle and can increase pectoral size quickly and effectively. Remember that a stronger, bigger pectoral muscle provides a better surface for the breast to sit on, so it appears bigger and fuller.

To execute a successful bench press, lie flat on the bench with the weight at arms length above your chest. Lower your arms simultaneously, bringing the weight down to your chest at nipple height.

When pushing the weight away from your body, make sure your elbows point downward and that you push the weight straight up towards the ceiling.

This is one repetition. You want to choose a weight that you can comfortably do 3 sets of 12 repetitions with. For beginners, a 20-pound barbell or two 10-pound dumbbells is a good place to start.

bench pectoral flies

Pectoral Flies (bench)

This exercise may be more familiar to women as it is often hailed as the ultimate exercise for breast development. It is definitely worth doing if you do it right. This exercise can be effective at strengthening the pectoral in the same spot that the breast tissue attaches to the muscle, which means that it can firm and lift the breasts, making your boobs appear big and perky rather than slouchy.

To perform the pectoral fly correctly, grab two lightweight dumbbells. Lie flat on the bench holding the two dumbbells perpendicular to your nipple line next to each other above your head.

With the elbows slightly bent, bring the weights out to the sides by drawing them away from the center and allowing each arm to rotate at the shoulder without letting your fists drop behind you. Return the weights to the top of the movement, bringing your weights together again.

This is one rep. Do 3 sets of 12 reps.


Incline Pectoral Flies

By performing pectoral flies at an incline, you target the muscle in a different way, which enhances the workout and helps you get results faster. Incline means instead of using a flat bench, lie on an elevated bench so that your shoulders are at a higher level than your knees.

To do a proper incline pectoral fly, make sure your back in pressed completely against the bench and do not let it lift away from it. The motion of the arms is the same as the standard pectoral fly. Holding the weights perpendicular to your nipple line, bring your slightly bent arms away from your body and out to the side.

Then return them to the beginning position in a reverse motion. Do not be surprised if the same dumbbells you used in the standard pectoral fly exercise seem much heavier in this one! This is because the angle that the incline places your body at allows for more gravitational pull on the weight.

As with any fitness regimen, consistency is key. Weight training 2 to 3 times weekly can produce amazing results! Just keep at it. Lots of skipped workouts will equal small returns. It is also critical to mix in total body exercises as well.

Over emphasizing the pectorals could lead to an asymmetrical body shape. While you want your boobs to be larger, you don’t want to lose you womanly proportions! Be sure to target your legs, back, arms, and abs as well every time you work your pectoral muscles.

Pair your exercise with a diet rich in boob boosting foods and you can compound the size gains you make, allowing for even faster results!

4. Start Massaging Your Breasts

breast massage

 As I mentioned earlier, potent herbs like fenugreek can help in the production of estrogen and can be directly applied to the skin of the breast. This is done with the application of essence of fenugreek oil, lotion, and a massage technique designed to encourage growth in the breast tissue.

You read right; you CAN get bigger breasts using massage!

In fact, massage for breast growth is the cheapest and fastest method for getting bigger, fuller boobs. It achieves bigger breasts by improving blood circulation in the breast tissue.

This brings nutrients and hormones into the area more effectively, encouraging growth. The massage of breast tissue can also cause fluid to be retained in the tissue, which gives breasts a fuller appearance and size. When combined with herbs, diet, and exercise, massage can produce drastic results! Here are 4 easy and safe breast massage techniques you can try on yourself in the privacy of your own home.


It is extremely important that you not neglect to warm your hands. Cold, unyielding hands can damage your skin, making it less supple and elastic which is what makes skin look young.

  1. Using one hand to hold and elevate the breast from the nipple, take the first three fingers of your second hand and create firm (but not painful) outward strokes that start at the nipple and end at the ribcage. Go around the nipple, stroking outward in every direction. Repeat on the other side.
  1. Take both hands and place them fingertips down on the breast. Form a diamond between the points of your thumbs and index finger and allow your nipple to rest in the empty space of the diamond so that your hand does not cover your areola. Apply light pressure through your palms and gently knead your breast for 30 seconds to 1 minute for each breast.
  1. With your hands in the same position, stop the kneading motion and instead gently create a spinning motion, moving your breast slightly. There should be extremely light pressure here and no pain. Rotate your breast gently clockwise for a few rotations and then counterclockwise the same number of rotations. Do the same to the other side. This can take up to ten minutes to complete.
  1. Once again using both hands, use a short, slow stroking motion to press down the sides of the breasts. This will give the temporary impression that they are larger when you stroke. Your fingers are basically imitating what a push up bra does in this exercise. Do this stroke ten times on each breast. Be careful not to include the nipple and areola in this massage, as the tissue is considerably more delicate and can be damaged easily.

This massage can be done daily to achieve the results you want, just remember that it should NEVER be painful! If your breasts are tender or sore from the herbal supplements, be even gentler when you perform your breast enhancement massage. This will ensure that you don’t bruise or damage your boobs, allowing them to grow as fast as possible!

Meanwhile, Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

how to make your boobs look bigger naturally

We have just discussed how to trick your body into making your boobs grow bigger, but while you wait for them to grow there are also some helpful tricks of the clothing and fitness trades that can help you make your boobs appear bigger.

Enhancing what you already have is a no-lose situation because it is quick and easy and can help boost your confidence while you wait for your hormonal changes to do their magic!

Here are some boob-enhancing clothing tricks to try:

  • Bosom Tops: When it comes to picking tops, choose ones that give the appearance of ample breasts. Necklines like the high neck or boat cut will diminish the appearance your boobs, so avoid those when you can. Instead, go for square cut necklines. This angular shape contrasts with the roundness of your chest, making the swell of your cleavage more pronounced. You can also go for shirts that bunch at the chest (like a baby doll top) that accentuate the waistline and add fabric to your bust.
  • Push Up Bras: Ditch the tissue! Stuffing bras are now a thing of the past (thank goodness!) Bra designers at major retail chains all over the world have discovered the benefits of a good push up bra and have begun selling them like crazy. Victoria’s Secret offers a great selection of push up bras to fit every body type. Now you can show off every inch of the cleavage that you have while you wait for your natural growth to happen.
  • Stripes and Prints: The print of your top can be just as helpful to enhancing your breasts appearance as the neckline. By wearing prints that draw attention to your chest such as a horizontal line pattern, you can create the illusion of bigger boobs.

Clothing can do wonders for changing your figure, but fitness is also an important aspect of anybody appearance alteration, and making your boobs appear bigger is no exception to this rule.

Understanding how powerfully this simple system can change your physique comes in part by understanding the structure and functions of the human breast. 

We hope we have managed to explain to you how to get bigger breasts naturally. If you will have any questions, feel free and comment your questions bellow. 

Sandra Hale

Sandra Hale

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