Isosensuals Review

IsoSensuals Breast Enlargement Cream Review

If you are reading our IsoSensuals Breast Cream Review, you are most likely on the hunt for a safe, natural method to achieve larger, firmer breasts, but have quickly become overwhelmed by the countless breast enhancement/enlargement products on the market today. If you are looking for fair, objective, fact-based reviews about the most commonly used breast enhancement products, our breast product reviews are a great place to start. We specialize in providing neutral reviews that are based on research and actual customer experience.

You have probably come across IsoSensuals Enhance Breast Cream during your search, and maybe you found some positive reviews  – but how do you know if it really works? And how do you know if it is actually safe? Our IsoSensuals Breast Cream Review will help you answer those questions and more.

Information on this IsoSensuals review was updated on June 2023.

Isosensuals Summary

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Isosensuals Pros & Cons

We have complied a list of Isosensuals pros and cons here.


  • While this product does not seem as popular as some of the well-known breast enhancement products, roughly 65% of user reviews were positive, indicating that the product can be effective.
  • Customers report not only breast growth, but also indicated an improvement in overall breast health, shape and firmness.
  • The ingredients are considered safe to use and no harm or injury has been reported by someone using this product. There are no restrictions on who can use this product.
  • This item has a lower price point than the majority of the products in this market, making it more affordable for consumers.
  • The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the results within that first 60 days.


  • While the majority of the reviews were positive, there are still a significant number of users who ordered the cream alone reported no results.
  • Some evidence indicates that this product works best when taken in conjunction with the oral supplement.
  • Like most risk-free breast enhancement/enlargement solutions, the results will not be immediate – users may wait as long as 6 months to see significant results.


After reviewing all the data and factoring in all the details, our IsoSensuals Breast Cream Review has concluded that this product may be a reasonable option for natural, no-risk breast enhancement and enlargement – but the effectiveness may be greatly increased by using the cream in conjunction with the corresponding supplement.

The ingredients in IsoSensuals Enhance breast cream are natural and considered completely safe, however, as with all herbal supplements, if you decide to use both the IsoSensuals Enhance breast cream and the supplement, be sure to check the list of supplement ingredients and consult your doctor with any concerns before starting.

Roughly 65% of user reviews of IsoSensuals Enhance breast cream were positive, indicating a likelihood that this product is effective. The price is very reasonable, slightly lower than the average for this type of product. The results can take up to 6 months, but the average user is said to see breast enlargement of up to 2 cup sizes, along with improved shape and firmness.

Once we factor in all the details, our IsoSensuals Breast Cream Review has determined that IsoSensuals Enhance breast cream seems to be a safe, affordable product that is believed to be reasonably effective for breast enlargement and enhancement. Effectiveness may be increased by using the cream along with the Enhance supplements, but the many users find the cream to be effective on its own.

IsoSensuals SUMMARY

  • This product claims to give the user rounder, fuller and firmer breasts with a size increase of up to 2 cup sizes.
  • The active ingredient is called Volupus; it is all-natural and derived from nutmeg and macadamia oil. The product label states that Volupus basically increases the capability of cells to store more lipids, which leads to enlarged breast size.
  • IsoSensuals Enhance Breast Cream is intended to be used twice daily for up to six months.
  • One bottle of IsoSensuals Enhance Breast Cream costs $39.95 and should last the user for 2 months.
  • IsoSensuals also sells Enhance Breast Enlargement Pill which is a supplement that can be used in conjunction with the cream.


✔️how to return for guarantee?

I'm not sure what you mean... But I just returned it and told them that I didn't use it because it contains a chemical that I refuse to put on my skin. I didn't even open it I just looked at the ingredients and saw it and mailed it back immediately.

✔️Is this permanent or do you have to periodically use it again to maintain your new size?

I tried this product last year with no success however, I received a free bottle recently for trying another of their products and I sm only in my first month. I see and feel a small change so I do not really know if this is worth it. I will be able to give better feedback after another month or two. I've used their tight products and the results are amazing.

✔️does this really work?

I saw a little change earlier but it's disappear again, I guess this cream as not as good as the other one, the curve cream

✔️Does this work?

Yes but it is not dramatic results. I have been using it for 4 months only once a day. I am trying to lose weight but I do not want to lose my cup size. I have lost 20 pound and I am still a C cup. I have notice that my breast look fuller and firm. I use to be a B cup when I was skinnier so i was expecting to lose fat from that area to but so far i haven't :). I hope this product works for you. 

✔️Is there any sign that let you know that it's working?

I believe I can tell a difference in firmness and possibly slightly larger. I have felt occasional tingling after application. I am just finishing up my first bottle.

✔️If the product is the real deal, why is your company offering a FREE bottle if a positive review is sent to your promo email address?

It worked for us and I admit the product is a little pricey. Getting a free bottle is a deal for my honesty. Believe me...if it didn't work, I'd be the FIRST to complain about the product. I ordered the product and was asked for my opinion after...I reordered. Maybe it's just me but not asking until I reordered was a valid request. You have probably been "burnt" by ones who lie about a product. I'd suggest you do your homework and then go with your gut feeling. Good luck.

✔️Has anyone gotten real results with this product?

Hard to answer. I been using isosensuals combined with natureday fulfillment products so it's hard to say but I know it's the natureday that is giving me the most if not all the results. I been using isosensuals for 3 months then started using isosensuals enhance with it for a lil over 2 weeks and started getting results and sore breasts using natureday products. I don't think isosensuals works all that good or works alone as one product. Like I said 3 months using it and still a 32 A cup then started using natureday and I get results in 2 weeks using that and sore breasts a week using it. It was like one night they were the normal size then the next morning after 2 weeks boom magic. I use liquid, pills, and cream. Used the sample soap with it that I got for free and made that stretch 3 weeks. I first used 3 droppers of liquid for the first 8 days with the cream 2 or 3 times a day following a blow dryer even though it's not recommended I even use a blow dryer after isosensuals then I went down to 2 droppers in the morning and right after 3 fulfillment pills and the cream 3 times a day or 2. Also started putting about 5 drops on my smaller breasts before bed once daily. The drops using 3 droppers lasted me 13 days. Not sure how 2 droppers a day will last. But after the first 2 weeks if u decided to drop down to only one dropper a day then the whole bottle of liquid would last a month. Isosensuals does not really have a good and friendly customer service like natureday fulfillment. They have good customer service and Tina is sweet and extremely helpful. That being said I know natureday fulfillment is giving me results in less then a month. When using only isosensuals I didn't see anything much. Maybe it just didn't work on me but I use isosensuals still with natureday fulfillment being I still have a bottle. I put it on twice a day following the natureday like 15 minutes after I put natureday fulfillment on with blow dryer. 

✔️Should I not wear a bra that much?

Very good products.i think when your out and about you should be wearing one

✔️Has anyone experienced a cycle change/ missed period when using this?

No I can say my cycle is the same month.

✔️Should I not wear a bra that much?

Very good products.i think when your out and about you should be wearing one

✔️Can I use on face to get fuller cheeks?

I wouldn’t advise you to do that

✔️Would a transwoman woman benefit from this?

I think so. Transgender myself although, using multiple other ways of enhancements in combination distinguishing this one in particular isn't easy. This item does have ingredients to help with development and seems to be of quality to do so. According to a google search of the best enhancements, this was high on the list as well.

✔️Can all ages use this?

Hopefully I’m only 18 and I’m going to try it. Hopefully it does because I don’t know if it would because our body doesn’t fully develop until 21

✔️Does this stuff make your breast grow if you are not breast feeding?

It’s slowly increasing my breast size, and I am not breast feeding. But it is not a fast solution. It takes time.

✔️what age do you have to be to use this?

There is no age requirement

✔️Is this product effective on lips to plump them up as well? is it safe to do so, in case of minor ingestion?

I wouldn’t use this on your lips i don’t really think it’s effective I’ve also never tried that area. But i believe you should just use for proper area

✔️What is the 60 day money back details?

I’m not sure I actually don’t remember.

✔️Does it work?

Really can't tell because I been using it on one breast which is smaller then the other hand for 3 months now and have not seen a big difference. I also was using naturaful for 3 months them the isosensuals enhance then started using the natureday fulfillment products and noticed fullness since using natureday products but can not tell if the isosensuals is helping as well as the natureday fulfillment products. When using the two different breast products it's hard to tell. But I don't think the isosensuals enhance works well or on its on without a booster such as natureday or natureday. I been using this stuff 3 whole months and still wear a 32A bra. Started filling out when using natureday fulfillment.

✔️Is the airport security allow me to carry on the airplane?

I dont think so. Look at TSA rules for carry on. Conditioner and shampoo can not be carried over 3oz. I think this would qualify along those lines. But I suggest you look at TSA carry on restrictions. Hopefully this helps.

✔️Can anyone please tell me the ingredients written on the bottle please?

Deionized water, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, voluplus, coconut oil , veg wax, glyceryl stearate, beeswax, soy lecithin, aloe leaf juice, vitamin e, potassium sorbets, phenoxyethanol. 

If you're buying this buy the curve one because it has the same ingredients just more volumplus which is supposed to be the thing that helps 

This product has a lot of reviews but I don't see enough before and after pictures?

Also because most of the reviews are blank reviews, from people who have just started using the product and do not yet know if it works or not. They want to leave a review right away, to get a discount offer.

✔️was your breast sore after using?


No my breast are not sore at all, I massage firm not to hard. I have been using the cream since October my breast and nipples are firmer. Hope this helps.

✔️Can I use this product during my period?

Yes I don’t see why not.

✔️Is this product suitable for vegans/does not use animal testing?

Not sure

✔️Can I use this product if I use a tanning bed?

It doesn’t make sense to.

✔️If you apply the cream twice a day, does the bottle last 30 days or not?

Yes it does. I only use a dime size amount twice a day. Once in the morning, and once at night. And I'm still using the same bottle I received on January 27, 2018. And I still have quite a bit left in the bottle. And today is the 19th of February. So I know it will last me throughout the rest of this month. I hope I answered your question. And I do recommend this product.

✔️What is the difference in ingredients between the breast and butt cream?

The butt stuff used to contain both the macadamia nut agent and the nutmeg agent. Now it looks to me like they have stopped using one of the two in the butt cream and neither in the new formulation of Enhance. I think this is why the bottle is now turned away from the camera - so you can't read the label. I may be mistaken, so please correct us if I'm wrong.

✔️Does it really Work???????

It doesn’t increase the size but it helps to define your breast and make it look fuller.

✔️Is this product returnable if the results are unsatisfactory?

I believe so

✔️Is there anyone on the smaller side who saw results?

18% increase isn't much if you're starting with less than a B

I was an A I can honestly say it does work. I can no longer fit an A cup

✔️How long did one bottle last?

For me a little over a month

✔️Does this stuff really work? Please I need an honest answer. Thx

I have used two bottles while working out with the Noogleberry machine. Together I have had about a full cup of change in my right boob (Charlotte) and somewhat less in Emily (left). As a man, I had almost no structure inside them, but after using the NB for about six months (it is S...L...O...W) and Enhance I now have real structure in my breasts, and they feel like breasts, not lumps of fat sagging. By the way, plastic surgeons prescribe vacuum-based machines like the Noogleberry as prep for future implant work

✔️Why are the ingredients the same for both the butt & breast enlargement creams. Anyone else purchased both?

Yes ,me too..I'm wondering why they are the same and if they do have the same effect why didn't they but one product for butt&breast instead of two!!!???

✔️Does it really works???

Yes, I can definitely tell you that it does indeed work. My husband doesn't have "c" size as he had hoped for but you have to keep in mind that he is a male and his body may respond differently than a female. They are bigger now and I can see the outline of his breasts. Better yet, he can feel the weight of his breast as he walks. Good luck and best wishes. Gina

✔️What are the ingredients?

I really do not know, but I think it did help to enlarge my breasts, even though the measurements that I took before and after did not substantiate that impression, but that may only be a reflection on the 'crudeness' of my measuring technique. I did use two bottles of it, although I have now changed to a different brand of a similar product. I hope this helps you, Taylor, ( two ways, the information ( or lack of it ) and more importantly, the enlargement of your breasts. Love and best wishes, Janice

✔️Do I need to wear gloves when I am applying it?

No, you do not need to wear gloves. I washed my hands after because it was all lotiony and I didn't like the feeling of it on my hands personally. But it won't do anything to your hands if you apply it without gloves and don't wash afterwards

✔️What is the difference between this and the "IsoSensuals CURVE" cream?

I think there's no difference i'm using CURVE for both breast and butt it's been a month and so far i see more difference on my breasts they are growing my butt not so much yet...but it says for 6 months so let's wait and see.

✔️Does it help in firming your breast and helps prevent them from sagging?

It did plump my breasts but since I have small ones, I'm not sure if it prevents them from sagging. There are other products that tightens the skin of your breasts to have them looking perky but I'm not sure if this would be the right fit.

✔️is this worth the try

Yes it will make a big difference. This summer has been amazing it's like I have a new body