Natural Breasts Enlargement


Natural Breasts Enlargement

What do the majority of the most popular and most beautiful women in the world seem to have in common? Ding, ding, ding, that’s right; they all seem to have big breasts.

Of course, some of them are store bought, then there are those who are naturally blessed. If you don’t fit in either one of these camps, don’t feel hopeless. Alas, you don’t have to accept that flat chest anymore.

There are several techniques to natural breasts enlargement without going under the knife. It’s time to explore the possibilities to take you from Flat Ville to the land of hills and mountains.

You Are What You Eat

You’ve probably heard the saying that you are what you eat but did you know that what you eat can affect your breast size? Since hormone imbalances can affect the size of your chest, there are certain foods you want to avoid and certain foods you want to intake regularly.

If your body is producing extra of the male hormone, testosterone, this can stunt the size of your breasts. You can combat this by reducing the amount of carb-rich foods you eat every day. Instead you need to reach for the fruits, veggies and whole grains.

On the flip-side, you might want to think about increasing your estrogen-rich foods. If you’re adventurous you might want to try the Chinese recipe of chicken head soup that is rich in estrogen.

If chicken heads aren’t your thing, try herbs such as saw palmetto, fennel seed, ginseng, dandelion, soy, wild yam and fenugreek which are rich in estrogen. If these sound a little exotic and you don’t actually know how to utilize them, no worries. You can get herbal supplements in pill, cream, soap or lotion form.

Are you one of the girls who avoid fat like the plague? Well, you need to gather around to hear this one: the right kind of fats can help you achieve natural breasts enlargement.

We’re not saying go all crazy and eat every fatty, delicious food in sight. No, choose the right fats like nuts, avocados, flax seeds and olive oil.

Remember: proper nutrition can help you on the road to growing the big, beautiful breasts you deserve.



Do you enjoy a nice massage? More than likely, you enjoy the nice, relaxed feeling and the way your body feels at ease.

Well, did you know that a breast massage can help grow your breasts? Yes, a massage can be a natural way to get the big boobs you desire.

The right breast massage can help improve the firmness and overall shape of your bosom. When your boobs are firmer and shapelier, it will naturally make them appear larger. When the right pressure is applied, it can increase both the breasts’ healthy growth and the tone. Your boobs will never look or feel better.

If you feel a little weird rubbing your own boobs, there are spas and massage parlors that you can go to where they will have the special touch. Some facilities even offer the breast massage as its own service because of its popularity and effectiveness.

Grow bigger and more attractive boobs all while feeling more relaxed, now that sounds like a win-win-win.

Is it Safe to Pop a Pill?


Breast enlargement pills have been advertised in women and teen magazines for decades, but do they really work and most importantly, are they even safe?

With any over-the-counter pill, you need to be careful. These pills are mostly made of natural ingredients that are intended to stimulate the estrogen receptors that are found in the breast tissues.

This is the key to how these pills work since an abundance of estrogen can lead to permanent enlargement of your breasts. If you go this route, you need to follow the directions on the package carefully. This is not the time to make your own rules.

Just keep in mind that with some of these pills, you may have to take them daily for up to 3 months so you have to be willing to put in the time.

You should also do some research and see which pills seem to be the most effective, which are junk and so forth. Due diligence can mean the difference between noticeable results and wasting your time and money.

Before taking any pills, check with your doctor and make sure that they are safe for you to take. Your doctor will want to make sure that the breast enlargement pills will not have any type of drug-interaction with other medicines you might be on.

In addition, if you start experiencing any type of negative side effects, stop using immediately and consult your doctor or a medical professional. Big boobs aren’t worth endangering your health.

There’s a Cream for That

Do you want to know how to get bigger breasts naturally and don’t want to eat weird foods or pop pills? Well, you’re in luck because there’s breast enlargement creams for that.

Wait, can a cream really help me increase my boob size? Yes, we already told you that, you need to believe us.

These creams are designed to help your bust look fuller and firmer. A lot of these creams also claim to help improve the overall texture and tone of your boobs, making them look better.

Some of the common ingredients found in these creams include: sage, glycerin, chamomile, lavender, jojoba oils and algae extracts. Essential herbs such as kava kava and dandelion root can also be found in these creams.

Since the ingredients found in the cream are comparable to the ones found in the pills, you can expect similar results. Just like the pills, you need to use the cream regularly, anywhere from 45 to 90 days to achieve your desired results.

While creams tend to be safe, you still need to watch out for side effects such as soreness and discontinue use immediately.

Now, that you know how to increase breasts, there is nothing else between you and your dream boobs.

Sandra Hale

Sandra Hale

Dr. Hale – a medical geneticist and featured physician – spent a majority of her career researching breast cancer genes. After more than six years working to understand the genetics and medication behind breast cancer, Dr. Hale found that there are many breast enhancement products with terrible substances inside. After extending her research to include breast enhancement substances, Dr. Hale created

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