Total Curve Review

Total Curve Review

If you are looking for the most effective, natural, no-risk breast enhancement options, you probably realized quickly that there are countless products on the market today that claim to aid in breast enhancement and enlargement. It can be a real challenge to sort through them all and find out which products are safe, effective and moderately priced – our Total Curve review can help. We make it a point to provide fact-based, objective reviews which are based on extensive research combined with actual user experiences.

In your search for a safe, herbal method to increase breast lift, firmness and size, you have most likely come across Total Curve as it is a popular option, but you are hesitant to place an order for any product until you know that it is both safe and effective. Those questions and more can be answered by our Total Curve Review.

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Total Curve Pros & Cons

We have complied a list of Total Curve pros and cons here.


  • Over 70% of customer reviews on the main sales channel for this product have been positive – the majority of users who created reviews have stated that this product works effectively.
  • Use of this product is reported to enlarge breast size and enhance breast firmness and lift.
  • This supplement contains all-natural, herbal ingredients that are safe for consumers.
  • Total Curve Breast Enlargement Pills are slightly less expensive as some of the mainstream options on the market today.
  • Some reports indicate that use of this product can also boost libido and relieve certain menopause and PMS symptoms.


  • Using the Total Curve cream in conjunction with the supplement is believed to achieve the best results.
  • Total Curve Breast Enlargement Pills have very few negative reports about side effects, but rare cases of allergic reactions have occurred.
  • Like most breast enhancement products, this should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women.

OUR Total Curve Review

Total Curve Review

Using customer and product reviews and other research, our Total Curve Review has determined that this product is a viable option for risk-free, natural breast enlargement and enhancement – but we encourage potential users to review ingredients for this and all supplements carefully to avoid any issues.

Total Curve is made from all-natural ingredients which are not believed to cause any harm to those who take them – although these supplements should never be taken by pregnant or nursing women. The active ingredients are common among other breast enhancement supplements and have no history of injury, however, it is always important to carefully review the ingredients to prevent an allergic reaction. If you are not sure, check with your doctor before you take any herbal supplement.

While the best results are reported by customers who are using both the cream and pills, the large percentage of positive customer reviews indicate that it is possible to see results from taking the pills alone in as little as 1 month, but it can be taken for as long as 6 months. This is fairly standard for these types of products.

After extensive research, our Total Curve Breast Enlargement Pills Review has concluded that Total Curve looks to be a safe, effective solution for customers looking for natural, risk-free breast enhancement and enlargement. 

Total Curve Summary

  • Supplement is reported to use natural, safe herbal formula that claims to increase breast size and enhance the bustline by lifting, firming and toning breasts.
  • The active ingredients are all natural and include buckwheat, fennel seed, dong Quai root, , blessed thistle, damiana leaf, hops, watercress, black cohosh root, wild Mexican yam and more.
  • Total Curve Breast Enlargement Pills is intended to be taken twice daily for as long as needed to achieve the desired results, which can be anywhere from 1 week to 6 months.
  • Total Curve Breast Enlargement Pills costs $34.95 for a one-month supply. Some discounts can be found by purchasing several months at once.

Total Curve FAQ

✔️Hi, may i know the gelatin is from what source? Is it from animal? If from animal which animal they use?

Its not animal anything. Its all natural. And you need to look it up and its ingredients and know what they are for in the body. But no animal anything.

✔️My girlfriend is 27 with an A cup, 5'2" 106 lbs. Is this product working at her age? How much improvement will it be if she also gains more weight?

It really depends on a lot of different variables, but it couldn't hurt much to try.